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Zsolt Lakatos


Zsolt has always been driven by passion and curiosity to discover the mechanisms underlying life and nature, as well as to convey his way of understanding to people around him. He obtained a master’s degree in Molecular Genetics, Cell and Developmental Biology from Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest before completing his PhD programme in Molecular Cell and Neurobiology. His research focused on the cell biological roles of several proteins involved in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease or glioblastoma and aimed to further unravel the complex link between cellular degradation pathways and neurodegeneration.

During his PhD work Zsolt presented lectures and practical courses in Anatomy, Cell Biology and Neuroanatomy, during which he shared his passion for neuroscience with his students.

Zsolt has had several articles published in peer-reviewed journals, both as first and as co-author. He has given several presentations at international conferences, where fruitful discussions always made him believe in the power of community.

Zsolt joined the Angels Initiative in hopes of improving stroke care in Hungary by combining his perseverance and his dedication to aiding people with his background in neuroscience. He will use his experiences as a scientist and a teacher to do whatever it takes to help stroke patients get proper treatment and a second chance for life.

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