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Stroke Care In Ukraine | Resilience, Creativity And Big Potential

In 2016, just 306 patients underwent thrombolysis throughout Ukraine. By October 2023*, that number had risen to almost 1,200 – in a single month, in the middle of a war. Prof Sergii Moskovko recounts the exponential growth towards stroke care excellence in Ukraine.

Stroke Survivor | Lessons In Empathy

Raquel Gonzalez had a stroke minutes away from the hospital where she has been a nurse for three decades. Now back at work, she shares lessons about slowing down, the emotional, physical and clinical cost of stroke, and the need for empathy.

Consultants In Conversation | Kamila and William

"I give them a free hand to bring their ideas to the table. And once they start working on these ideas, then the wonder happens." Angels team leaders Kamila Fachola (Brazil) and William Masih (India) took advantage of the WSC to learn from each other's leadership styles.

Heartache & Steel | Grandma Paquita’s Story

As an experienced Angels consultant, Alicia Arjona understood how fragile the lives of stroke patients were. But when the patient was her beloved grandma, and care failed, she went from feeling sad and mad to steely determination.

Consultants in Conversation | Brenda and Trang

In a video recorded at the WSC in Toronto, Canada, Angels team leaders Brenda Rodelo (Mexico & the Caribbean) and Trang Nguyen (Vietnam) compare notes on talking through problems, how doing more brings happiness into life, and striking while the iron is hot.

Consultants In Conversation | Kim and Mariana

East met West at the WSC in Toronto, Canada, where a conversation between team leaders Mariana Wolf (Argentina, Uruguay & Paraguay) and Kim Malkin (Australia) was caught on video.